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Praxis Dr. Stein & Dr. List Wollzeile Wien


We, Dr. Silvia List and Dr. Sylvia Stein-Krumholz, are specialist medical practitioners for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age. 

We treat children suffering from acute and chronic diseases in a pleasant, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

In angenehmer, entspannter und ruhiger Atmosphäre kümmern wir uns um akute und chronische Erkrankungen Ihres Kindes.

No long waiting times for an appointment!

We offer medical examinations that include measurement of blood pressure, blood count and blood sugar, ECG readings, BMI determination and general advice. This is of particular importance in children and adolescents to help detect diseases at an early stage.

We look forward to meeting you.

In case you cannot keep your appointment we kindly ask you to cancel it at least twenty four hours before. Thank you very much!

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Only by prior telephonic arrangement or online booking.

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Dr. Stein-Krumholz

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Dr. Sylvia Stein-Krumholz

Paediatrician, Adolescent Health, Psychosomatics

I provide comprehensive support to my patients aged 0-18 years, as well as advice for their relatives and carers.

My services include vaccinations, maternity card examinations, annual examinations, adolescent examinations and the treatment of problems affecting this age, and nutritional advice.

Evaluation of disease symptoms that may have a psychological background.

Dr. List

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Dr. Silvia List

Paediatrician, Allergist, Psychosomatics

In addition to providing paediatric care (vaccinations, maternity card examinations, annual examinations), I offer specialist allergy consultations.

These can include the examination of all types of allergies, in particular nutritional, house dust, pollen and insect poison allergies.

Psychosomatic links can be explained.

Dr. Stein-Krumholz

Dr. Stein-Krumholz is a skilled counsellor thanks to her long-standing experience, and provides expert advice to children and adolescents entrusted to her, as well as their families, who come from many different cultural backgrounds. Her focus is particularly on physical and mental suffering and problems associated with adolescence.

In addition, Dr. Stein-Krumholz treats infants with adjustment difficulties, feeding issues and provides advice for their family members. She also has a sympathetic ear for children with difficulties in kindergarten and in school, and gives professional advice and support. You can find information about the services offered by Dr. Sylvia Stein-Krumholz here.

Dr. Silvia List

Dr. Silvia List has an additional qualification as an allergist, which she acquired during her many years of practice in Germany and which makes her your specialist in the diagnosis of allergic ailments and treatment of allergies.

Particularly, if your baby is constantly suffering from stomach pain or gets rashes after eating, this may often be the result of a food allergy. Recurring itchy eyes and runny nose may also be a symptom of hayfever or dust mite allergy.

Allergies such as these can be diagnosed and treated, also as part of a consultation with Dr. List. Furthermore, Dr. List provides nutritional advice specific to allergy-prone babies and children. You can find information about the services offered by Dr. Sylvia List here.

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